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July 16, 2006



i was pretty excited to see K-town offering free web access... as a graphic designer this lets me get outside, or sit at a restaurant and work instead of being stuck in my 'office' all day.

i also work downtown and we actually do have a lot of people, out of towners & locals, looking for internet access... i don't think you get it...

Eve M.

I occasionally use the wi-fi at Kahili and at other establishments with my laptop, and my husband does this all the time. He's tried the "public" wi-fi and concluded the quality wasn't good enough to make it usable. It seems that, so far, they're wasting their (our) money even if one agrees that it's a good idea.

By the way, we're net connection addicts, and often cruise the web or check mail using our palm devices while we wait for restaurant orders to arrive. Your point about Blackberries is well taken.

So, my feeling is: It's a wasteful and unneeded project. The private venues do it better, and obviously cheaper.

Jason Sanchez

This is a waste of tax payer money.

There's plenty of wi-fi available at local businesses where one is more likely to need/want it (and be able to use it in the evenings or in when it's raining). Why spend money on something that the private sector is going to do anyway?

If we had an indoor public area similar to Crossroads then something like this might make sense. Even then, I think the merchants that populate such a place would be likely to get together and offer the service as an attaction to customers. No need for public money.

How many trees could the $115,000 have bought us? I know City Hall talks big about wanting to increase the tree canopy of the city and I'm all for it. How about using this money to further that goal?

Another use of the $115K could have been for 2 bike patrol policemen to cover downtown (especially at night) and get a grip on the bar scene and the drugs and fighting that are going on around there. This, to me, is a much higher priority that actually falls directly under the auspices of the city and its obligations.

What a waste of money.

Andrea Hanefeld

I love the new wireless in the parks!! I used it during Summerfest while sitting at my booth. It was really convenient and easy to use and #1 FREE! As a “poor” student, I can’t afford to pay for wireless service at Tully’s or Starbucks. With this great weather, wireless in the parks is a wonderful, free way for me to get homework done and enjoy our fabulous city.


I agree- Free wifi in Kirkland is fantastic. What a good way to draw more people to the downtown and parks! I use it almost on a daily basis! Great work City of Kirkland!!

Jeff Barr

I don't live or work in Kirkland, but I do know that trying to use a laptop outside (even during the winter) is pretty much a non-starter. It really doesn't take that much natural light to totally washout a laptop's screen.

My local park (Marymoor in Redmond) is blanketed with WiFi courtesy of Microsoft / MSN. I can't figure out why and where anyone would actually want to and be able to use it.


I agree with Jason 100%, the city needs to address the downtown problem...with the late night bar fights and drug activity (in broad daylight!) at the transit center in downtown by a bunch of hoodlum teenagers (many of which do not even live in Kirkland). I still can't believe that the activity at the transit center is allowed to go on.


Many cities get outdoor wireless to provide a uniform, cost-effective network access for first-responders. That's not something you can do with the local-businesses. Perhaps that's why Kirkland really wants WiFi outdoors. Oh yeah, and the citizens get free WiFi too - what's wrong with that?

Madan Musuvathi

I am using the Kirk WiFi right now. The quality is very bad for decent browsing experience. This is the quality I would expect from any WiFi service provided from 'public' money. Private organizations with profit interest would provide a better quality of service.

Steve Rabuchin

I have noticed handouts lately in several Kirkland businesses with info on how to logon to Kirkland Wireless in the Park. Is anyone really using this? It's winter--who is sitting in the park with their laptop? Well, in case you are going to try here is the SSID: KirkWiFi

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