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September 24, 2006



Great post. Sake House is a notable omission. Cheap Japanese beer and sushi. Ends at 6pm I believe.

Also, it's worth noting that not all happy hours are created equal. The Fish Cafe is an insanely good deal during happy hour.


Good catch Jordon. It was on my list, not sure how it escaped me. I will add once we hear from a few others to see if we missed anything else. BTW, agree with you regarding the Third Floor Fish Cafe. Janis and I went over there late one night and the main dinning room was closed. We sat at the bar and ordered 1/2 half off the bar menu. Amazing food for such a great deal. Seared ahi, salads,etc.


Looking for great happy-hours spots in Bellevue, visit http://metrobellevue.combellevue_happyhours.htm


Looking for great happy-hours spots in Bellevue, visit http://metrobellevue.com/bellevue_happyhours.htm


Wildrover on Wednesday nights is so much fun because the have triva and you can enter a team for $10 (no more than 6 people per team) and if you are in the top 5 teams you win a chunk of pot. You could end up earning more than you spend! Plus it's just a blast.


This Blog doesn't tell enough..If you really want to know about Kirkland Nightlife, go to Kirlnadbars.com . This site spills the info about Time Out the wilde rover and all the rest. Go to Kirklandbars.com to get the real dirt on the Kirkland bar and nightlife scene.

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I've come to the right place. I was searching a convenient bar or restaurant in Kirkland and landing on your post. I am glad to see the lists and I can't wait trying to get there. Thank you so much :)

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