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October 16, 2008



Great job on your first post buddy! I can't wait to try out 2CH after your review...thanks again for that great picture you drew for me!

Bridgette Tuttle

The 3 year old perspective is something that blogs around the world have been missing out on :)! Great job- A really good cheeseburger is hard to come by these days! :)


Sadly, the milkshakes and BBQ are not yet available.

I've been there twice already (though that's about as many burgers and fries I can take for a long time coming), and it is pretty good, albeit a tad expensive. I think it's the bundling of the burger with the fries. They have so many, a single order of fries can feed 2-3 people.


Ha! Nice. Brady was absolutely the best choice to report on a hamburger place. Way to go! =)

Pete Kirk



What's happening with this place? Everytime I go by it's closed and the sign is too fine to read passing by.


The sign says that they are closed for a 'kitchen remodel' until early Feb. I haven't seen a light on or a truck in the parking lot any day since that sign went up so not sure what the real story is. That's what happened w/Sushiya too (the prior place, same owner)- first a construction sign and then never to be heard of again. time will tell..j


Deja vu? Curse of the former Jack-in-the Box? Since I've lived here since 1976, that was the longest restaurant there, did they put a spell on this place?

Ajf 6

You and I have common interests! You are my part of the story!

supra tk society

Never listens to me. I'll bet our family will be back here when we're looking for a quick easy kid-friendly meal. It makes sense to me that maybe the rumor is true that 2CH stands for "2 Complete Happiness"? OK, back to preschool, love BRADY

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