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November 18, 2009


Steve Maita, Maita Communications

Hi Janis,

Thanks for the update. We walk by this every day and I was wondering what was going to happen there. I having seen anything on this until now. This sounds very encouraging for downtown Kirkland. Can't wait to see how this comes out.


I'm happy to see the outdoor restaurant space. Having seen many many village waterfront areas I totally agree that we are not utilizing our waterfront space very well. And I'm really happy that Stuart wants to keep the village feel and not end up with the travesty that is now Juanita.

Rachel M

SOOOO Excited! IT can't come soon enough!
I've been to Peppertree Lane in Laguna and it's very nice and artsy...i wish we had the same weather.
I'm also looking forward to the outdoor seating, fireplaces and areas of gathering.
Well Done Stuart!



Third Floor Fish Cafe is closing

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Terry Parkhurst

For 20 years, circa 1974-'94, Stuart McLeod staged some of the most outstanding collector car auctions in the Pacific Northwest. If anyone can transform downtown Kirkland, it is he.

He has taste, intelligence and that most elusive of traits, soul. Auction producers are akin to theater producers, staging events to delight, entertain and create a marketplace - all traits that are good for a developer. Moreover, as a longtime Kirkland resident, he cares about the city.

Any guy who could find offerings such as an Aston Martin once owned by King Hussain of Jordon for an auction, has the creativity to pull this off.

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Finally I wish you all a happy New Year, family happiness, everything goes well!


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Ryan Johannson

This will never happen. Its all talk - much like downtown Kirkland politics.

Sandi Hart

Take a look at the latest design - MAJOR changes from the building described above. Kirkland is about to get an approximately 82,000 square foot, 6 story building on this property. The building will butt up against the current public walkway making it approximately 14 feet away from existing residences literally blocking the sunlight. This design is almost through the Kirkland Design Review board without enough input from the citizens of Kirkland. Here are some things you can do to speak up: Attend the DRB meeting on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 7pm to voice your opinion, send letters and emails to the City Council and the DRB. Please help us stop Kirkland from becoming another Bellevue!

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