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January 22, 2012


Robert Mottley

I will join you in this perspective. It was my gas usage which was way higher than my Neighbors, while my electricity was way lower than my most effiecient neighbors nothing was said about that. So after a year of this abuse I insullated my attic. Now as I wait with great anticipation for this letter it has not arrived, and I thought I heard that the program has been canceled My victory Usurped!
Where else can you make your customers feel quilty for using your product.


I get those too, but figured it was because we live in an old house that has very thin walls. Wouldn't they want people to think they're doing great so they turn the heat up, vs us who cringe and turn the heat and water heater down when we get those reports?


It's NOT just you!!! My whole thing is the way that it shows how much HIGHER I've gone up every year but I KNOW that's not true. I had twin infants through the winter two years ago and it keeps telling me I used more than that now. Um, not true. My house was 70 degrees the entire winter. It is NOT now and we have totally made better changes if any. I am glad I'm not alone. It'd be nice to hear from PSE as an interview!


We get the letter each month and always use the same or less than my most efficient neighbors. We too are a family of 5 and live in a 3200sf home, parts of it with high ceilings. We are extremely conscious about leaving lights on, doing full loads, etc. We have 2 refrigerators and a freezer. I found one big thing that has helped was swapping out almost all old style light bulbs with CFL ones. They lower power consumption, but they don't last nearly as long as advertised. We turn heat down to 65 at night and during work/school hours, and turn it up to 69 when we're home. We don't have a lot of electronics plugged in.


Thanks as I was starting to feel evil since there are only 2 that live in our home. We turn off lights constantly and keep the heat down. I would love to know which neighbors I am being compared to in their letter - maybe the ones that live here part time!


We keep our house at 62 degrees in the winter, doors close in bedrooms and bathrooms when not in use, some vents close n we still use 56% percent more than our neighbors!!

Dawn Morse

I'm with ya! Who are these neighbors? We have 3 people in our home. Our house is about 5 years old so I'm pretty sure we have pretty energy efficient appliances, good insulation, thermostat is set to turn off when we leave the house, yada, yada, yada -- yet we use 32% more than our neighbors. Something's not right!

Fraser Suyetsugu (@frasuy)

These calculations include the square footage of your residence. Ask PSE to confirm the square footage that they are using for your calculations. My mother's calculation was incorrect because PSE had the incorrect square foot amount. Once corrected, this brought her numbers in line with her neighbors.


Up above I actually did post a positive comment...we are consistently as efficient or more efficient than our neighbors. It just takes some effort and discipline on our part to get into this category.

My opinion

What a great post.
I was at a neighbors just the other day and she was commenting about this. I've since forwarded her your blog post and my uncle who works at PSE to finally shed some light on things. :)


I actually like it - it's become a sort of nerdy game for me to try and beat my neighbors at using less energy...plus it has the added bonus of saving me some green while feeling more...uh...green? *Shrugs* I think there are worse things in the world than a power company giving you information about your power consumption.

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