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January 03, 2014



It's nice to see another Kirkland tech company embrace this organizational model. Yozons has been a "virtual company" since 2000, with workers across the Seattle and the Eastside, but also getting expertise in other states and countries.

Scott W. Bradley

Thanks, David. We love hearing about other local companies that work this way too. Most of us at Facet Digital have have been working this way for 5-10 years and love it. I truly believe this will be the way of the future for tech jobs - or any job that doesn't really require physical presence - thanks to pioneers like yourself.

Law Wanxi

I work for a firm based in Shanghai, PRC, and I am a [really] remote worker. All of my work is done via the net, with only quarterly visits to the home office. Since I mostly work the same hours, there is some time-shifting involved. I work at my home, where I have business cable internet and a fixed IP address, vital for what I do.

My big problem with the 'coffee house' office is when I do take some time off and go to Urban Coffee or similar, there is no place to sit because of all the 'wifi leeches' parked there all day long, it seems. This must be costing these places some business, as I won't stand up to drink my doppio, so sometimes I walk in and walk out.

Is the problem that you guys are too cheap for decent home internet service? Then again, I rarely have to meet anyone for business purposes, so maybe working at home is good only for me.

BTW, I have 85M down, 35M up at home; how's that cafe wifi working for you?

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