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July 10, 2014



Freedom in a civil society has always carried with it some discomfort at other people's choices. Your (slight) offense is okay and it's great you speak your mind about. If others agree, they won't take you up on the offer. It's expected that you will not agree with every belief or action of others. But in a free society, you allow that others may do things you do not agree with so long as they are not compelling you to follow suit with anything more than ideas (in this case an offer) or causing you harm.

There is irony in the limits imposed on advertising for cigarettes (which were commonplace at one time) and the ability to post a sign that is visible to minors.

Of course, if we prevented everything that somebody found offense with, we'd have a harsh and boring society indeed.

There are many who do not like free speech (neo-Nazis or white supremacists marching in your town?), religion or specific religions/sects, all sorts of medical care, political organizations, eating meat, wearing leather or fur, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, bikes sharing the road, zoos, circuses with animals, fast food, gluten, tatoos/piercings, different races/ethnicities/cultures, etc.


The comment above is really well said but the sign still makes me furious when I drive by slowly in traffic with my teens in the car.


If you are fuming now......just consider that the e-cigarettes can be loaded with pot to create an odorless joint. I hate to tell you this but per my brother-in-law who is a Colorado policeman and former DARE officer, kids are smoking pot e-cigarettes in class. I think this shop's advertising is sending a message that blew by most non-pot smoking adults.

Pete Kirk

"... I hate to tell you this but per my brother-in-law who is a Colorado policeman and former DARE officer, kids are smoking pot e-cigarettes in class."

Sounds a bit far fetched. I was certainly less worldly as a teenager; but I wasn't stupid enough to do
something so flagrant in the classroom or in front of a administrator. In addition to the fact that you are suspended immediately for situation as consuming a simple aspirin.

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