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November 15, 2015


Dan Ryan

There's a ton of misinformation about this from the opposing side. Let me point out a few things.

There will always be a trail. The City's plan is to have more trails, not less. When the trail gets busier than today, there will be a separate shared trail (for bikes and walkers), and a lower speed trail for walkers only. The City's plan is two fully paved trails and a transit corridor.

This is a transit corridor. Sound Transit has had its easement for many years and it was always for buses and trains. People are pretending that they would have been happy with trains, but are freaked out by buses. That's kinda silly. Why are big trains better than buses? They're not. What's bothering them is that this might happen in ten years, instead of twenty or thirty as they figured.

The City wants a balance between the long-planned transit and the new trail uses. There's enough space out there to have both. The City wants transit on the smallest possible footprint pushed up against the east side of the corridor, so that trail users will have up to three-quarters of the corridor to themselves. And all of the views to the west. It's a smart solution that deserves our support.

Doesn't have to be diesel buses. The new buses are all hybrid now, and Metro is already testing all-electrics which are really quiet. Not a bunch of stinky diesels.

I-405 BRT is not a reasonable alternative for people in Kirkland. t's just not for Kirklanders. Who's going to catch a bus on the freeway? It might only have one stop in Kirkland - at the top of the freeway ramp at NE 128th. The city wants a second stop on the highway at NE 85th, but it's still not a bus that very many people here will ever use. As an alternative, the only reason some people like it is that it's far far away from them. The Redmond/Bellevue BRT is a different model that wouldn't work on our narrower streets. They have a lot of five lane arterials. We don't. Their model would never work here.

The City is working really hard to come up with a smart solution here that gets more people around AND protects the trails. It's not an either/or. They deserve everybody's support. The Corridor isn't just for one set of people.

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