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November 10, 2015


jennifer r

I spoke with a young guy working at Tim's and he told me they are not closing, but moving to the former Thai place by the pancake house. At least we still still have fish and pancakes!


Kirkland Urban? "Fresh and hip", haha what is this 1995? That's just embarrassing. And the last thing real locals want is for Kirkland to be known as "urban". You want urban? Move to Seattle. This entire redevelopment is a joke. It's the same big ugly 8 story boxes that are destroying this entire region's character; have you been to Bellevue lately? I can't believe people think this is "awesome"?!


Ohhh, Asa, go dust off your coffin. We can't sit sit here with all of our 'character' while the old buildings disintegrate around us and shoppers/tax dollars head out of town. Time for a little sprucing up. Nobody is trying to make us Bellevue, there are a lot of people working really hard to keep the Kirkland feel. The 2017 Kirkland feel.


I agree with you Janis. I often find myself crossing 520 to go to UVillage shopping. I wouldn't mind having that shopping vibe here in Kirkland and in walking distance to my house. I remember the complaints when Portsmith Condo and shops went in and now they are a staple. The entire Parkplace area has been so under utilized for over a decade now so it's about time. Thanks for the updates.
Rachel. (Ktown Resident since 1996).


Thank you Jennifer for checking on Tim's! Considering that place has been a staple in the area of so many years I would hate to lose it. At this point I travel from Sammamish to buy my fish there because everything else in the area just doesn't cut it.


We want Tim's! They had said they were moving behind the Pancake House, but their latest Facebook post said they were not sure they were staying in the area. Say it isn't so! Will be in there tomorrow; will see what the latest scoop is.


Hmmm... retail wishlist? I second your idea of Athleta (or other fitness-oriented store). Would love a Sports Authority, but probably not enough space. Another bookstore? PPBks didn't get great traffic (except when the library had a temp outlet there); would a different style bookstore fare better? We have a bike shop and a kitchen store - check. How about a small hardware store? A game store with game nights? (And I don't mean the kind with screens!)


A bookstore, yes! And a game store! A hardware store is essential for walkable living (we sure like having Ace here in Bridle Trails).

We will need a new outdoor store with REI moving to unbikeable Bellevue. I'm not sure what we will do for hats and gloves and coats next year. We do have good bike shops around so at least that's covered.

Glad to hear of the planned improvements to QFC. We had a number of bad experiences there, and a grocery option downtown would be convenient.

I hope Tim's stays!


I so wish a hardware store would be included in the mix - ever since the Ace hardware closed down YEARS ago to allow for another Parkplace "remodel", we have to go to Bridle Trails Ace or (worse yet) Woodinville or Bellevue Home Depot or McClendon's - the convenience of having a hardware store nearby has been sorely missed for far too long!

Becka Hoefs

Rikki Rikki is closing end of year, not February. A good friend works there. Get in there and give them your business!!!!


How about some nightlife? Martini bar with cool jazz sounds like a good idea and different than anything else in DT Kirkland for nightlife. No big chains, if there are any. I would like to see more local businesses.


Love the current movie theater. Will sorely miss them. Rumor has it that an iPic is going in there. Say it isn't so. That's more a rare treat than a "let's walk down and see a movie" impulse. And 2019? Sheesh, I may forget what a movie is before that happens. Does anyone have some hard facts re: movie theater?


I vote for Lulu Lemon! And maybe a Barnes and Noble?

Andrea Knauss

Please don't say Rikki Rikki will be gone!!! Our family loves it and goes several times a week!!! What will we do?


I'm so glad Kirkland is getting a Sodasopa. Will Kenny's house be moved or will it remain a central attraction?


The movie theater building also houses business tenants that will be awaiting a move into the newbuilding that is happening is Phase 1. So that needs to be complete before they can move, hence the Phase 2 for movie theater and 2019 guesstimate.

Richard Palmer

Maybe some high end shops like Tiffany's, our Seattle restaurants that didn't have one on the eastside, like Local360...


How can we make sure Riki Riki stays alive in Kirkland somewhere?


Sigh, now Kirkland can look like downtown Bellevue. The world needs more modern sterile buildings & more shopping. Kirkland is swiftly achieving a cookie cutter town look and becoming a tear down for the highest bidder. Sigh. I really liked this town.


I agree with Rob... iPIC is fine for an occasional special treat, but not a place I would go on a regular basis. Alyson

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