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October 10, 2016



Lilac Cafe Is not Closed. They just recieved a new paint job. Please update. Also if you wouldn't mind posting that Lilac Cafe is owned by Lynn's Bistro that would be nice too. And if you have any other questions in the future you can always ask us since our locations are right next to each other it's really easy. Or call 425 889 2808 for Lynn's Bistro or 425 828 4252 for Lilac Cafe.


I'll echo Paul's response! A separate article would be appropriate so that anyone who thinks Lilac is closed (because they read the e-mail blast but didn't then read the updated article here, or read it before it was updated) is re-informed. Thank you!


Bea/Paul, yes my friends will do a post! I'm on it!

Rachel Michaels

I was late getting into the new cactus (had a crazy summer travel schedule and have been going to the bellevue one) BUT it's nice inside...bigger, new bar area is big but still "Kirkland Cozy"....


Looks Like the Market St cafe closed? It was all dark and furniture looks moved around....I wish some one would put something good there...it's literally right in my back yard and a nice walk for a quick bite.

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