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January 31, 2006



Buyer beware! Not all the stylists at this salon are top notch. When I made an appointment, I specifically asked whether the person cutting my hair had experience with fine hair and contemporary styles for short hair.

"Oh yeah...this stylist has been here a while...she knows a lot."

Should have been a warning right there, but as my old stylist is no longer working in the area, I decided to give it a go.

Not only had this person just started with Holly James, but she really had no idea how to cut short hair. In the end, I got one of the worst haircuts I've had in three years.

Ugh! I won't be going back.


UGH,that's a bummer. Thanks for sharing, though. A couple of my friends have gone recently and have told me mixed reviews, but mostly positive (I think they went to Holly). If you try someplace else in Kirkland next time, be sure to send us your review! ~J


I'm afraid I have to agree with "outdoorgrrl.' I have short hair that's fine and curly. I made an appt. for a consult and trim. I even took a picture of the style I wanted. My stylist had only been there a month and was very sweet, but obviously didn't know what she was doing and proceeded to "butcher" my hair. I went home and cried. Needless to say, I won't be returning.

Holly Bernstrom

Hello, I am Holly the owner of Holly James Salon. I am so VERY sorry about your experience at our salon, and if there is anyway we can make these bad experience's right, I would love a chance to do that. None of my stylists are new out of school, and are great girls. But, I pride myself on exceptional work, and would love to fix it myself, complimentary. Please give us another chance, or some more imput. Thank you, Holly


It was nice of you to respond, Holly. Thankfully, hair does grow out and since I do wear it short, the cut can be rectified. I'll think about your offer. Thank you.

Sue B

I started working in the office building at Park Place almost a year ago. I have a pretty stressful job, so when I saw that I could get a swedish or deep tissue massage downstairs, I was pretty happy. I think in the last twelve months I have been to the Holly James Salon about a dozen times for massages, facials for myself and my teenager, and haircuts for me and my teenager. It helps that all my co-workers know where to shop for me for gift certificates! I would recommend the salon to anyone.

Particular Lady

I think Holly is a great hair stylist and I have no complaints about how she colors or cuts my hair---in fact she is the best hairdresser I have had in the last 20 years. I think the salon is creative and comfortable. BUT I can't stand the dog! I may not return unless she gets rid of the dog that sits in the cage right next to where I am getting my hair done. It stinks when it pees on it's blanket. Holly spends more time talking to the dog then the customer. But since she is an expert hair stylist I guess she can handle me and dogs too.


I had a nice experience there, but wasn't given the discount promised to me for new clients. I have also received a post card in the mail offering a 20% off discount. Holly said this was ONLY FOR HER GIRLS TO BUILD BUSINESS, and it was a typo. I think she should take personal responsibility for her business and stop blaming her mistakes on "OUTSIDE SOURCES" and just handle it herself. I was put off by the immature nature of how she handled the situation. I also was annoyed by her LOUD & YIPPY dog running around. Isn't that illegal anyway? Well, all in all, I won't be going back. The entire atmosphere is cute at first, but the underlying tone is very unprofessional. Too bad.


I apologize for that rant, actually, I don't know how to delete it, or I would. I was treated nice there and have a good haircut to boot. I am accustom to a different level of professionalism, but, I will admit that the service was nice and I keep getting compliments on my hair! Thank God I didn't use my real name. Embarressed and Sorry.


Personally, I agree with the people who think the dog is gross. I just hope Holly has good liability insurance. I absolutely ADORE my hair dresser, and would follow her into the pits of hell if I had to. So I deal with it. :)


I have to say that the salon isn't only decorated classy, but is a professional teaching salon as well. I was amazed at the professional service's I received there, consistently, each and every time! The spa is a cute surprise behind a unexpecting curtain. The practitioners are knowlegable and curtious.
Holly is awesome and so are her apprentices.
I would reccomend going there to anyone!

Hair Today, Gone 2-morrow

Hi there,

I like Holly--she is always pleasant and friendly--but the waits EVERY time I go to this salon are LONG! The stylists seem like they are always running behind...sometimes up to 45 minutes late! And occasionally, they have an apprentice shampoo and then sit you in a chair with wet hair to wait---!

But the staff IS incredibly nice. I just wish they would book their appointments so they could stay be on time. I don't want to sit and stare at magazines, get offered free "sample" massages (to take up time), and waste my time when I arrive for my appointment ON TIME.

no dog

I had my hair colored by Holly and she was great even though she kept pushing other services. I would never get a massage at her salon because of the sticky dog. The whole place looks and feels dirty and unkept to me.

no dog

I had my hair colored by Holly and she was great even though she kept pushing other services. I would never get a massage at her salon because of the sticky dog. The whole place looks and feels dirty and unkept to me.

Lady Once

The yappy dog is a turn off. The salon is dirty.


holly says all of her girls are not new out of school? HA ! 3 of the girls that work there were apprentices, meaning THEY never even went to school. Hope and Brittany dont have a clue what theyre doing. And a dog biting at your feet every 5 minutes is not professional, i wonder what bbb would think of this

Holly Seubert

Hi, this is Holly from Holly James Salon. I would like to inform that I have cleaning ladies come and expertly clean my salon every week and that I am sorry to hear all the negative feed back about my dog. He does not bite, and is loved by many. Britney and Hope are legally licensed and actually did go to school. They're clients always leave happy and return. Angry rants on blogs can be very destructive to small business and I work very hard to make people happy and leave here happy. Thank you, Holly


I have been a client of Holly's for at least 8 years and have had nothing but the best experience and have been more than pleased with the results. She is so talented and really makes me look great! I get tons of compliments. She is not only an expert at her trade but is a very kind and warm person. It's important to have a connection and trust the person who does your hair, and Holly & I have that. I recommend her to everyone I know! Cathy

Randal P

Holly has done my hair for over 10 years now and she is by far the most talented stylist I have ever visited. It's evident the minute I enter the salon that Holly and her entire staff take great pride in what they do. I live downtown Seattle so getting to the salon in Kirkland can be a challenge at times. I will gladly fight bridge traffic if it means getting the same great cut from Holly. I recommend anyone looking for a great experience and cut visit Holly James salon.

Sally Brennan

I met Holly before she opened her own salon, I followed her from her last salon because she is professional, she listens, and she does a great job with my hair. I first went to Holly when another girl messed my hair up and I was in tears, Holly fixed it and I have been with her ever since. If you ever have a problem, or don't like a product you purchase from her salon, she will gladly take care of it.
I personally think Holly should fire some of her annoying clients~Holly puts up with a lot of crap from her clients just to make them happy & satisfied and this is the thanks she gets~customers slamming her on this blog~! Merry Christmas to Holly!

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