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Kahili -- more coffee in downtown Kirkland!

I gotta say I like the fact that the Marina Cantina is gone (it  couldn't compete with the likes of Cactus or Jalisco down the block) and has been replaced by yet another coffee house--Kahili.   Just as I did you are probably wondering why on earth would someone open yet another coffee house on the same street, just a block away from the Triple J, Seattle's Best, and across the street from Tully's.  How could they compete in such a crowded market?

Kahili[Here is a pic of Kahili.  It was windy and their vinyl sign was out of place.  Located on Lake St. in the heart of downtown Kirkland across the street from Hectors] 

Well, I went in for a visit today on the way to work.   The owners did a nice job on the decor.  Kind of an island feel, but complete with a fire place, living room type seating, plenty of  tables (good for  business meetings) and counter space. 

The joint doesn't seem to be to busy yet, but the staff was kind and they have differentiated themselves a bit from the competition.   For starters they have FREE WI-FI INTERNET access--in my book this is a huge win--great place to do  work! And the other  twist is that they serve beer and wine.  Yup, wine!  A selection of wines from the NW including varietals from Oregon and Washington.   They also feature paninis, desserts, and Kona coffee which is an organic coffee grown on the big island.   

I only ordered some coffee and a muffin and I have no complaints so far.  I look forward to venturing back  when I want to get some work done (using their free WI-FI) and enjoy a lunch.  Look for a food review in the coming weeks...

After my wife's Triple J experience I think I will hang out at Kahili a  bit more and see how I like it. 

Which is your favorite coffee house in downtown  Kirkland?  Comments and address link will be added soon.  Steve


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Don Winters

Wow -- I love free Wi-Fi too! That is a big plus for me and I'll have to check this out. With coffee, beer, and internet, they've got my vices covered!!


Totally agree! We've been waiting for a decent coffee shop to open in downtown Kirkland for years. Triple J's ambiance is the best (the staff has always been friendly and the fact they feature local artists is a huge plus) but it's always had the worst coffee and Starbucks/Tullys/Ex-Seattles Best all leave something to be desired.

Kahila has the best coffee I've had on the Eastside and the free WI-FI will keep us stopping in at least once a day for our coffee fix.

Brenda Kauffman

Kahili is my new favorite place in Kirkland! It has a very comfortable feel to it, and owners Cheryl and Cecil are great. I left after my first visit feeling like I had made two new friends. With all the changes at Triple J's, I would definitely recommend Kahili's instead, and don't forget to check out their Thursday night wine tastings!


Kahili is on the Sunday must do after a rainy day run around Kirkland. It is spacious and cozy all at the same time. I have always been a 100% Kona coffee fan (10% will not do!) and this hits the mark.

Cheryl Boyd

I am the manager of the newest and greatest coffee house and wine bar around. I want to thank all of you wonderful new regulars for choosing Kahili coffee. Your not only coming here for the decor and atmoshphere but you have recognized our espresso and Kona drip coffee are excellent. My husband Cecil and I have tried very hard to acquire a great staff that really enjoys what they do. We were lucky to have a couple of the 'old Triple J's" crew join us and some others who have had many years involving coffee/ barista work. We love our 'Team Kahili'! Keep an eye out for our wine events to be on thursdays. The second thursday of February is coming up and art walk. Our wine bar will be ready to serve you and we will highlight a local artist also. Thanks to all who have made this a great adventure. Sincerely, Cheryl Boyd

Cheryl Boyd

KAHILI COFFEE NOW INTERVIEWING FOR AN EXPERIENCED BARISTA AS OF FEBRUARY 22ND, 2006. We need a person who is over 21 due to our wine bar and can work evenings up to 11pm & Midnight. Evening and weekends are the space to fill for the right Barista and with the 'infamous' Kirkland summer right around the corner we want to be ready !! Please email
Thank you !!!

R. Sharp

We go to pretty much all the privately owned coffee shops in Seattle and East Side. Kahili has the nicest staff, particularly managers Cheryl and Cecil. Coffee drinks are the best around, the daily soup is always delicious, free WiFi, Thursday wine tasting, and 90% of music is enjoyable and at a decent volume. Comfortable chairs, cozy fireplace, always kept clean. Unreservedly recommended. We're hoping it doesn't become a place of obnoxious small-groups crowding the seating and walkways and talk so loud you can't hear the person across the table from you. So far it also hasn't been a respite for MLM sales pitches and recruiting interview sessions by the nearby college. What it has been is a coffee version of Cheers "where everybody knows your name."


This coffee shop gets better and better! There's not a single employee that simply isn't fantastic. There simply isn't a better cafe in Kirkland, Bellevue or Redmond. Possibly the best in the county!

Jonathan Sharp

Yeah, whatever. Maybe if you like "middle class." If you want quality, visit the corner of Market & Lake.

Rick Riley

Well it's just too bad they let their weekly wine tastings & "wine boutique" go to hell...not many places where you can relax...choose wine or coffee without going to a bar or restaurant. They had the right idea and we loved it but for some reason they let it go & don't advertise it anymore and seem to have dropped that. No posters, nothing to look forward to there except the coffee which is now I only go with a friend or 2 but only for coffee. But I do like to visit & have the choice. I was SOO embarrased when friends & I rode across the lake to visit after I had boasted about the coffee/wine/wi-fi combo & the wine stock was practically empty. The little 19 year olds serving us knew nothing.


I've spent the last several years working for myself from coffee shops in Kirkland, and after the Triple J fiasco Kahili is definately near and dear to my heart. I miss the Joe's and the rest of the gang after getting a "real" job a few weeks ago! They deserve all the praise they've received here. Cecil and Cheryl ROCK and deserve much success.


Johnathan - (owner of the Oriel - formerlly the Triple J) I'm dissapointed to see your comment here about Kahili. I dearly miss your place on the corner of Lake and do many other locals. You've unfortunately missed the boat as far as what your "bread and butter" liked about their former coffee shop and cafe. Your empty seats should be giving you caution? I find it ironic that you say you're on the corner of Lake and Market - I'll withold comment! I hate to say it, but Kahili has greatly benefited from your demise...


Kahili is a little treasure you wouldn't expect to find in kirkland.
I have lived here for fifteen years, and have not found a better coffee shop. Period.

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