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February 12, 2006


Jose Chung

While I suppose that this fella Paul looks nice enough and that some of what he says about himself may actually be true, I can't help thinking that he would be better off among his peers. My idea is for an unmarked police car to pick up Paul and drop him in San Francisco.


I love you blog and excited I stumbled across it when picking up greek food tonight. We are also Kirkland residents with 2 kids and LOVE living here.

I was immediately fond of your blog when I read the review of Wilde Rover. I too was excited about the opening, love the idea of an Irish pub in Kirkland and agree - NOT IMPRESSSED! You were generous on your review of the food - I'd give it a D at best. And the service was pretty bad as well. Unfortunately it's only a matter of time before we say good bye to another Kirkland restaurant.

Thank you for the blog. I'll be logging on for updates.

Jonathan Sharp

Just like the loud stereo thumping and tire squeeling on Lake Street, Paul is just another example of Kirkland failing to enforce laws already on the books. If Paul is going to Bryman, the must have class about once a month because all other times he can be found over by the 'Champagne Tastes' consignment shop or in front of the Starbucks (formerly Burger King) on 85th. LOITERING. Duh.


Having people living on the streets helps no one, especially the homeless. He's abusing public, and private, property and needs to go somewhere where he can be helped.


Visitors to this blog: These heartless commenters are NOT representative of real Kirkland folks.


Wasn't Paul on 'Dancing with the Stars' recently?

Eric Melikov

Whether he goes to school once a month or twice a month should not matter. I've met Paul a few times and have never seen him bother someone for money, destroy city property, or sleeping next to someone's shop. So how exactly is he abusing public and private property?


Oh my god!! A homeless person! A black person too!

After reading the comments from those above; I feel absolutely ashamed to be a resident of KKKirkland. Who cares if he's homeless. What has he done to you? Lowered the value of your posh palatial estates 500 dollars?

As for the racist comment made by Scagnetty, no, he wasn't on Dancing with the Stars, but I think I saw him with a huge *GRIN* cumming out of your mom's house the other day.


I consider "Paul" the homeless man, my neighbor of over two years. I live in the heart of DT Kirkland on Lake Street. It never fails, that when I leave my apartment entry, Paul is there. Sitting in his chair, a bench or the planter boxes outside my door. Although he has never bothered me, I still don't think it is right. What do we know about this person who lives for free in DT Kirkland? Do we know anything about his psychiatric health and background? Criminal history? I saw one blunder in his behavior a few months ago when some drunk cackling women left Hector’s, and wandered down Lake Street. After they passed him, he imitated their laughs and sat back in his chair and fell silent. It was very strange to observe and not at all what I would consider "normal" behavior. Also, have you considered where and when he excretes bodily fluids? It's on our lovely Lake Street late at night. Countless times I have witnessed him peeing at the flag pole (Kirkland Ave. & Lake Street) and in front of World Wraps where people sit and dine on sunny days. I can’t imagine where else! Hi is pissing on the very city that is allowing him his free residence. At this moment, I could walk out my door and see him waking up next to Studio 150 and Salon Grotto. He is instable and untrustworthy in my opinion.

Downtown Resident

Get this guy out of here. If I see him doing anything unlawful, I'll call the cops immediately. Homeless people, save for the mentally ill, have no excuse.

And if they are truly mentally ill, then someone (ie. the police) should take him to a facility.
Period. I'd like to hear someone argue in favor of keeping the guy around. Even if you haven't witnessed a situation where he's doing wrong, is it helping the community to keep homeless people around?


Wow! Peeing in public at night! Really! Like that has never happened on a Friday or Saturday night after the Downtown pubs close. And imitating an annoying drunken laugh, yeah no one has done that before either. I forgot this is the east side and he may be a little to dark for the rest of you downtown residents. I have walked past Paul many of times and not once have I seen him bother anyone as they passed by. Besides the police can't take him to a facility unless he becomes a danger to himself or others so don't go trying to provoke that kind of behavior for your own cheap thrills and satisfaction. Now don’t forget its Halloween better get out the Honey buckets because the ghost and goblins will be out in force after the bars close. We wouldn’t want to have someone peeing outside in the streets now do we.

Downtown Resident

Sal, your argument is full of holes. Who said anything about provoking a situation for cheap thrills? Where did you get that?

Not many people, even folks leaving the bar use public benches to relieve themselves on a regular basis. Hell, if they are - go ahead and get the cops on them too.

Pulling the race card? It's 2007 Sal, and Seattle is known for its intellect and liberal nature. I don't care what color Homeless Person X is, I just don't want em around.

Those of us who pay to live in a place like Kirkland feel that it's in our best interest to keep it as clean and as trouble free as possible.

Finn on the Hill

The wife and I snuck off the Hill, across the annexation line, into K-town for some fine Itralian at Calabria. Little did I know I would be getting a two for one tonight; saw the Big Swede having dinner with his wife, then walked out the door and over to Lake Street to find Mr. Paul occupying his favorite bench.

My wife was aghast at such a sight as we don't have such things as homeless men on the other side of the line just up the Hill. I assured my wife that she had nothing to worry about, that such things would not soon be burdening our fine neighborhood on the Hill because the folks in Kirkland were against annexation and that any of these fellas who wondered our direction, perhaps to find a tree to sleep under in Denny Park, would likely end up in the new jail Kirkland needs to build.


Your right D.R. Seattle is known for its intellect and liberal nature. But we are not talking about Seattle are we. We are talking about the Eastside and that is what the residents of Seattle know it for. Just be lucky we have only one. Our neighbor to the South with its downtown mall has quite a few homeless individuals hanging out on the streets or haven't you noticed. Take a walk around the mall and surrounding area and pay close attention next time. You will see a homeless person walking along the sidewalk in the early morning on your way to work I know I do. So as you drive through Kirkland in the morning and see Paul don’t worry about it too much instead wave to the Smiling White Mickey Mouse gloved Grandpa every morning and have a nice day. Thanks Grandpa for making my day every morning.

Downtown Resident

Sal - So one step outside of the Seattle city limits changes ones personality completely? I didn't know that.

I understand that there is only one homeless guy to speak of. That's a good thing. But that, of course, means that we've all noticed. I can't speak to (or necessarily care too much about) our neighbor to the South as I don't live there. This is a topic about Kirkland.

I have noticed a smiley/waving older fella as well as a female counterpart, but I've yet to see them together. I've always wondered what the story behind that is.

Finn - unless we see Paul acting up, we don't want him in jail. At least I don't. I'd like to see him either in school full time, at a job full time or some combination of both.


I am shocked at how prejudice and perjorative your comments are. I am a latina living here in Kirkland and by the grace of God am able to pay rent- goodness forbid I would be forced to live (for free!!! haha-that's a joke!) on the streets of such a heartless, cruel and racist city. Good think I can pass. Perhaps if Kirkland officers weren't so busy stopping and ticketing drunk richies and unlawful corporates..they would be able to "deal" with Paul as so many of you gracious put it. How dare you suggest that he should be arrested? How about driving him to a shelter? Or offering him help in finding an employment/training program? If you want to change the "problem" be part of the solution- complaining about this man (most comments are racially motivated and prejudice against homeless) vote to make the necessary changes that would disallow American citizens to be living on the street with no other recourse other than to rely on the "kindness" of strangers- good think this guy isn't dying....you people would just walk on by and complain of the stench. way to keep Kirkland a nice city! KKKirkland is right!


Thank you Lola for opening up some eyes around here. As for D.R.'s statement, "So one step outside of the Seattle city limits changes ones personality completely? I didn't know that." Well maybe you didn't read the comment by Finn on the Hill. You don't have to step very far just across the annexation line to see for yourself.


The yuppies that come stumbling out of our downtown saloons fully soused and swerving their way out of town in their BMWs at 2am on a Friday night worry me a lot more than Paul does.

Downtown Resident

Sal - you're completely off the mark in terms of what I was trying to say.

Lola - who said anything about racism? I'll say it again, I don't care what color Homeless Person X is. I don't. Additionally, in my last post I explicity said that I didn't want Paul arrested. Third, I already wrote that I would want him at a facility. The three major "points" of your arguement have already been addressed/disproved in previous posts. You clearly did not read my presented arguement and the end result was an emotionally charged mess.

MarkD - I agree with you completely.


Downtown Resident, what type of facility are you describing? Civil committment of the mentally ill only occurs when the individual is an immediate and severe threat to themselves or others. So unless Paul wishes to find a facility or homeless shelter for himself, you'll just have to accept his presence. He doesn't even have to get a job or go to school just because you think he ought to. Last I checked, it would be his decision. It is also your choice whether to keep whining about his presence, or do something positive to educate yourself about homelessness.

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