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Our new Downtown Pharmacy

Lakeshorepharmacy Kirkland has a pharmacy opening on Central Way this April.  I spoke to manager, Oleg Ordinartsev, to get the scoop on Lakeshore Pharmacy.  Why does this name sound so familiar, you ask?  No, you're not going crazy (well, you could be). It's because there used to be a Woods Lakeshore Pharmacy in Kirkland Parkplace which is now occupied by Purple/Ravenna Gardens.  The two pharmacies are totally unrelated.

Lakeshore will be a full line pharmacy that also carries durable medical equipment (canes, hospital beds, diabetic footwear), non-durable equipment (gloves, incontinence supplies), health and beauty supplies, shirts/shoes, gift items, and candy.  Oh yeah, and beer and wine too.  You can pick up your Percocet and a bottle of merlot to wash it down.  Love that! 

Oleg positions his store as a Macy's with a pharmacy.   This concept is working well for him at his Bellevue Pharmacy and he also has a new one opening in Kent soon.  Inventory will change as he gets to know his customers in Kirkland and what our needs are.  Oleg says he has had great support and encouragement from the City of Kirkland since there is currently no pharmacy downtown.  He is looking forward to building his Kirkland customer base.

Lakeshore Pharmacy will be accepting private insurance, medicare and medicaid (not for the beer and wine, hehe).   No need to worry about parking as they will have free medication delivery within a 15 mile radius.   Hours are: M-F 9-6, Sat 10-4, Closed Sun.  Phone:425-803-6800.



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Rick Takagi

I'm looking forward to this place going in. I do have the same fear for this store as I do the other businesses along Central. It appears that the storefront will only have a couple parking spots for someone to run in and grab something. You could park on the hill with the nearly vertical parking spots I suppose.


The content of your show is great, I really enjoy it.


Glad you like the show. Keep an eye out for us on Broadway. ;-)

R. Sharp

Hoping it opens soon, it has been 'not ready' for some time already. Was wondering, are those Louis Vuitton bags in the window genuine? Perfect for Kirkland.

Rick Takagi

I knew they we're up to something when I saw the neon Bud light sign in the window, what were they thinking?


Hi bros!

Is it good quality and is it safe? -
i have heard they r good. let me know how it goes..

See you


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