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May 15, 2007



What great news! We've been waiting for something to go into that corner spot. Honestly, our first choice was a cool little supermarket, but a wine bar sounds great! Can't wait for the opening!


OK, now how about an ice cream place? And then we can start on my wish list for Totem Lake: Target and Border's.

Thanks for the tip!


Excellent. I love ideas the cater to my lushiousness:)


Excellent. I love ideas that cater to my lushiousness:)

Rick T.

I live just down the street from there and would love to see a little market come in. I find myself actually buying food at walgreens....how weird is that? An Ice cream place would be fun as well. Just wait until that park is redone!

No parking in Juanita Village

I've lived there for four years now, and the place is getting crowded than ever. I wish these guys the best of luck, but there is a reason why that site has been empty for four plus years. 2 words, no parking!


This is so cool! I echo everyone's sentiments--we need a market next. Preferably a PCC or Trader Joe, but hey, I don't want to push my luck. I'm right there with you, Rick--I do a lot of late night grocery shopping at Walgreens. :) Ice Cream store would be great.

Wanting to Walk in Juanita

So excited to have a local wine cafe and echo the grocery store sentiments! Ever been to the PCC in Fremont? I would like to walk to get my groceries. C'mon, people, we are an active, vibrant community concerned about our environment...right?


I live right across the street and am very excited about this new place. I did have to laugh when I saw your mention of "Vine Grotto." My husband and I ate there once and it was the most bizarre dining experience we've ever had.

Peter G Svensk

As for parking in the Juanita Village complex, a couple of suggestions:

1. Directly across the street, there's a small strip mall (including Emerald Garden and Bishops Pub) which often has spots available, just be careful crossing the street (there are crosswalks).

2. Just south of Starbucks, there's a 2-hour gravel lot.

3. On the north side of Avalon Juanita, there is parking on the street (and although the signs read "2-Hour Only," no one monitors the public street, unlike Diamond which ruthlessly monitors the private parking around Juanita Village.

4. There is free and no-time-limit parking in the dental/medical center on the northwest corner of 98th and 124th after 6pm.

Peter Svensk

Amendment to number 3 in my previous comment:

Don't park in the 2-hour spaces on 98th unless your stay will actually be that short. They ticket on the big street, but not on some of the smaller streets.


umm did everyone forget about The Grape Choice which has been in our community for over 20 years?


Nobody's forgotten the Grape Choice! Love it there too- the outside patio with the view and some vino-can't beat it. Brix will have a full menu too -don't worry, there's enough wine drinkers in town to share the love.


As far as profitability of the business it will be very tough without the parking. However, living in the community it will be nice and there probably won't be any wait given the parking crisis. I'll go there if they have filet steak meal.


I have heard these guys negotiated additional parking in the garage where the tenants park. Parking is typically not an issue there as long as you do not exceed 2.5 hrs. I guess if you've been drinking for more than 2.5 hrs your gonna have issues anyway. ;) Also heard they will be offering a full bar, not just beer and wine...


Are you open yet? Do we need reservations?


Yes - We are open! Both Dave and I have lived in the North Kirkland area for a while now and are very excited to be part of the Juanita community. We have been welcomed with open arms and the feedback has been great. Please stop by and have a glass of wine or something off our menu. We currenly are not taking reservations, and open at 4PM Tuesday - Sunday.

Website: www.brixwinecafe.com -- Menu's will be posted soon!


Lisa B

Wonderful! We'll walk there tonight for our anniversary - so glad it's finally opened. :)

Art Vandelay

I have thouroughly enjoyed my dinning experience at Brix. I have eaten there about 5 times since they have opened and at least 3 of those times my compliments to the chefs were expressed. The cooking team, Ian West and Tom Black do an amazing job creating art with very high quality foods. The dishes are ment to be savored with a great glass of wine of which there is no shortage. The selection of wines is outstanding and the servers are all very knowlegible (and cute) in what they have to offer and are helpfull in making a good choice. They know there wine.


Not impressed. BF and I stopped in on Valentines night for a nightcap. The hostess greeted us, we said table for two and she went to grab menus. She returned and then TURNED US AWAY saying they stop seating at 10pm. Turns out it was just before 10.

We asked if we could grab something at the (half empty) bar, but again were turned away! I was beyond shocked. Why would you greet guests and imply you were going to seat them and then tell them later no?? Not cool. We went to Hector's instead.

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