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The Dancing Hot Dog Man

Hotdogman_004 You know exactly who I am talking about!  Every time I'm at the corner of 124th and 116th in Totem Lake my kids get all excited -- "Mommy!  It's the dancing hot dog!"  He just cracks me up- dancing and flailing under the guise of a frankfurter.  If you're ever having a grumpy day, make sure to take this route home so you can get a chuckle.  I wonder how many people he flags in for Matt's Gourmet Hot Dogs?  BTW, I think that's the first time I've ever seen the words 'gourmet' and 'hot dog' in the same sentence. ~J


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I love the dancing hot dog over there, makes me giggle every time. Can't say I've been to Matt's though.

Rick Takagi

If only a giant taco from taco Time and The King from Burger King were out there as, that would be fun.

Joe Kennedy

That probably is a great way to get some traffic. Do you know if Matt's is from the same chain that had a place in Bellevue (before it was torn down for for highrise construction)?

I believe their tagline was something like "you'll love these hotdogs or Matt is an idiot" ...


There is now a new Dancing Hot Dog - check him out on video at (Matts is now called Picnics). This video will Put a huge smile on your face!

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