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Extreme Make-Over: Kirkland

The Chapin family of the Highlands Neighborhood in Kirkland, Washington was notified that they were selected as the “Hero Family” for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Miss Connie has been teaching children swimming lessons at her home for many years and well loved by many Kirkland residents.  As the family vacations away from Kirkland, their existing home will be demolished and a new one constructed.  The Building Industry Association of Washington State (BIAW) and Doyle Custom Homes are leading the construction efforts.  Construction activities, including demolition, will begin on September 27; with the new home being completed and furnished by October 3.  Road closures will be necessary near the project site on 116th Avenue NE.  A spectator shuttle will operate from Everest Park, 500 8th Street, beginning on September 28 through October 3 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.   For traffic updates and shuttle information, go to  Contact the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) at 1-800-228-4229 or go to to learn more about the design elements, contributing contractors, and volunteer opportunities (including being part of the crowd!).   ~Janis


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kirkland homeowner

I'm sure Miss Connie is a wonderful and derserving person. I hope that ABC sets her up with a fund to pay for the upkeep, added utilities and property taxes of her new home. Sadly, I don't believe a home built in a week would not have some possibility of future structural problems as costly to repair as her former residence.

I for one loath the Extreme Makeover and materialistic message it sends. I prefer genuine charity. The program is really just an extended advertisement for its home improvement and furnishing sponsors.

another homeowner

I'm kinda curious to know how they managed to secure all the necessary permits etc for a project like this.

Also, ordinarily the city is very strict and there are specific rules designed to minimize the impact of building activities, such as what time of day construction can take place.

I don't have any problem with the show or the construction, but I *am* curious. When I went for a building permit it took months to secure and the city got all in my business... but ANC comes along and suddenly we're getting mailings from the city like "it's a private project and we can't do anything about it." Huh?


Yeah, money talks. You're just learning this?

kirkland homeowner

If money is talking, I haven't heard about it. I don't see any evidence on their building permit record that they paid an exceptional fee to expedite the permit. In fact, certain items on the fee schedule appear to be less than what we paid for our permit that took months and months to process.

Extreme Home Makeover is a very popular and successful show. They have more than enough financial resources available to pay the full cost of improving the Chapin residence. I don't understand why donations are being solicited when the show can well afford to cover all the costs associated with the project. I'm not happy about the Kirkland taxpayers being asked to subsidize ABC by granting them breaks on permit fees, special inspection schedules, and impact on City staff. What is the public benefit of the City assisting with this program?

Kirkland resident

I am proud to be a homeowner in the area immediately impacted by this project. It has been such a pleasure seeing all of my neighbors come together and build something. This project will not only change the lives of one family forever, but it will positively impact our community for years to come. I wish everyone would see this for what it is - a chance to make some people's lives better. I also think this can bring some positive PR to our city and our neighborhood.

Rick T.

I see this as a good thing for the area, even if they did get a little help from the city. It's nicer to talk about than how much traffic sucks.


10/3: The “Move that Bus“ event has been delayed until Thursday, October 4 around 9 a.m. Spectators are to take the free shuttle from Everest Park, 500-8th Street South. Dress for the weather. Be prepared to stay for a while, possibly hours. Once the event is over, please obey the direction of the police and security officers for a safe exit. For more information go to

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