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Happy Anniversary Kirkland Weblog

Images3 We are two years old now and thought you might enjoy a quick update on how it's going.   Janis and I started the blog because we live in Kirkland and felt there was a need we could fill by writing about our experiences here.  The plan was simple--just blog as we went about our lives--and see if anyone read the posts.   

What started out slowly has grown month over month, year over year.   What we found is that there is no shortage of good topics to write about and we get emails everyday from folks living in Kirkland who give us additional ideas.   We wish we had more time in our busy lives to write more than we do.   

Between our subscribers and daily visitors we sometimes reach over 400 readers a day.  We've written close to 200 stories--although I must admit Janis has done most the heavy lifting.

You may have noticed we are offering advertising now to a limited (six) set of businesses in Kirkland.  We hope this helps to connect local businesses with our readers.  Please visit our sponsors by clicking on those pretty boxes to the right.   

We love writing the blog and hope you continue to enjoy reading it.  We welcome all the comments--both good and bad.   After all, it's just our opinion and we know we aren't always going to be right (and often there isn't a 'right'). 

Kirklandmarinafeb82006A lot of people don't realize you can subscribe to the blog just by putting your email in the top left corner.   When we publish a new post you will get an email with the the full text of the story.  You won't receive any other emails from us and we don't use your email for any other purpose (in case you were wondering).

If you want to email us directly you can reach us at [email protected]  We love to hear what you think and are always looking for good scoop too.

Thanks for reading!  ~Steve


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Happy Anniversary!

I also wanted to let you know that I've set your blog up as a syndicated account over on LiveJournal ( for those who want to be able to read multiple blogs in one place. This way I always know if there's an update.

Rick Moore

Congratulations! Just found your blog a few months ago and check it regularly for updates on the comings and goings of Kirkland. Great job.

Spam Hunter


How about omitting your cheesy real estate site? Everyone knows most real estate agents are desperate, but come on. Advertise properly or don't advertise at all - no one likes spam.


Much appreciated. I live on the border of Kirkland in northwest Bellevue and feel like a resident of both towns; I have lived in Kirkland in the past. I wish that Bellevue had a nice little local blog like this one, rather than "all real estate and mall shopping all the time." At least, I haven't found it. Thanks for Kirkland's.

Bob Webb

Hi, I'm Bob Webb, retired physician and current PR chair of the Rotary Club of Kirkland. I've lost contact material and after looking at all your postings found your email address. I'd love to know some history of your weblog, contact info, a phone #, and how to submit articles on good works we do in Kirkland and elsewhere. Look forward to sending some material.

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