Those Irish Know How to Party!
I Have No Idea Where to Park

Vovina nestles into Marina Park

Vovina 003 Marcus and Jamie, co-owners of Vovina (Vo=Vodka Vina=wine) at 15 Lake Street, are getting really excited for their quickly-approaching opening day.  And so are you!  I could tell because when I was in there chatting with them on Friday night (as they unpacked boxes of wine and booze)  people kept trying to open the door every ten minutes Vovina 009

It's inviting for sure-I think this cozy little wine and martini bar is a welcomed addition to downtown Kirkland.  It's nestled right at the bottom of the stairs by Wilde Rover on the parking level of Marina Park.  It has a good feeling with the dark painted open-beamed ceilings, sizzling fireplace, and lots of nook seating topped with pendant lights.  There are some super cool local aged-wood tables (and bar)- check out the pic below.  Expect to find some unique drinks such as absinthe(this is the only place serving this wormwood-derived creation on the east-side), 35 different wines by the glass, 4 beers on tap, martini flights and homegrown cocktails named after employee faves such as "My Mai Tai" and "The Franklin Mint."  Vovina 004

In case those drinks weren't tempting enough, you'll also discover some tasty bites from 3-9 Sun- Wed and 3-10 Thurs- Sat ranging from $7-15.  There's appetizers (ahi tacos, crostini plate..), soups (butternut squash, chicken curry..) and salads (caesar, bibb wedge...)  that can  hold you over or for pre-partying.  But don't be scared to stick around for something more substantial like the Dungeness Crab Risotto, Souvlaki Chicken Skewers or Caprese Pizza. The coolest part is that they just enclosed their patio seating so soon there will be tables and heaters outside.  That will be perfect for summertime, which I am hoping and *dreaming*is right around the corner.  May thru Nov they plan to serve brunch too.  So hustle on in there this weekend!  And tell some friends to check it out too- comment back and let us know what you think. ~j


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You mention opening day coming quickly, but do you know of a set date? Everywhere I've read online has said anytime between Dec and Feb but I did see employees in there last week.


They didn't have a firm date when I was there. Were working out the kinks with their payment system and said they hoped to be open for St. Patty's (today!) but definitely by the weekend. j


Have you ever been to Laugh's over on 124th?


"There's appetizers" should be "There are" my dear. Proper grammar will ensure your blog readers include those with at least a college education.


That be ok if my readers ain't got no college education. Cut me a break- I type fast and mostly I'm half asleep when I'm writing this stuff.
And yes, I have been to Laughs. But I wasn't laughing. Will try again sometime.


Been there a couple of times, great atmosphere, food and drink! Love it! Keep it on the down low otherwise you probably won't be able to squeeze in ...


Very over-rated. Trying too hard to be a swanky V.I.P. nightclub place, and it is situated in a strip mall... in Kirkland. Very odd. Also, the menu is littered with punctuation errors, which always makes me cringe.


They have absinthe at Chantanee in Bellevue.


I found it very cool and has a great atmosphere. Nice place to meet up with friends after work. My wife loves the drinks and the food is way better than the average stuff you get at most of the Kirkland downtown establishments. I will be back again.

Retro Jordan

I was thinking about writing a post on this exact subject. Thank you.

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