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June 19, 2010



I am a member of the Kirkland’s Gold’s Gym and yes at 0430 hrs the gym opens and we are waiting at the doors at that time. I like the gym because it is so close and the morning crowd is so friendly. The only thing that has bugged me about the place is that the equipment in the SW corner near the leg press machine is over crowded with equipment you can hardly move around without tripping over the machines. But overall it’s a nice place to work out without a lot of distractions.


Thanks for the advice to watch out for Clint. I don't like giving people like that my money.

Jennifer Wilson

Clearly Clint does not know WHO YOU ARE and the kind of power you yield in Kirkland!!

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Too good and superb gym and really very helpful, Thanks.

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Thanks for advising ! I was the member of Kirkland’s Gold’s Gym last year and it was great experience with it then I shifted in another country. I wish I would get chance of joining it once again.

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It's a really big space with lots of weights and machines and cardio both upstairs and downstairs.

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a nod and he waved his arm and delegated me off to a completely embarrassed college age worker that led me on a tour. So, here goes........

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