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Do you DeRu?


You should.  What a cool little concept for a  neighborhood artisan market!   A few people have mentioned it to me, so I decided the seek them out.  You have to look carefully because I barely spotted DeRu Market when I was staring straight at it on 723 9th Ave, east of Market.  This  renovated space has an awesome kitchen where they focus mostly on catering and renting out their kitchen to other businesses, hosting corporate events and putting on cooking classes.  But lucky for us, they also have a daily take out menu for people like me that don't like to cook. 

Check out this custom made wood fire pizza oven. Their local organic menu changes frequently so check the website for the daily offering- when I was there they were serving up 4 different thin crust pizzas: margherita, chicken pesto, apple & arugula and chorizo.  They also have soups, sandwiches and salads along with some fun and always changing items from the deli case (chicken roulade, roasted baby carrots, roasted sunchokes perhaps?).  There is nowhere to sit down- but it's a great spot to call and pickup.  We had a meeting at our house the other night and didn't feel like dealing with dishes, so we ordered up some stuffed pork loin ($8/ea), skillet potatoes and onion ($4), and pizzas for the kids ($11-14/ea).  We told them we'd be there at 6:15 and Jordan (photo at top), one of the owners, had it all warmed up and ready to go.  Everything was delish, including the chocolate chubby cookie that I got to sample (oink oink).  

DeRu is open Weds-Fri 11-8pm and Sat 11-6pm.  Daily menus are on their website or it's easy to call 425-298-0268 and they will tell you what's cookin' for that day.    Go ahead and comment if you've given it a try. ~j


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Doris Piccinin

Don't forget about their artisan jams. They use only the freshest fruits with some exotic flavors cardomon spice apricot, blackpepper blueberry. Big Spoon Jams is one of the best food products to come to Kirkland.


Hi Kirkland, thanks for post.
I look forward to more recommendations from you, cause they are all good ones.

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