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Dare I Call It Murder?

Dareicallitmurder   Larryedwards

Author Larry Edwards is a Kirkland/Seattle guy, and LWHS graduate, who has written the story of his own real-life cold case mystery.  Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss is written by the son of Loren and Joanne Edwards who died violently aboard their sailboat in Polynesia in 1978.  Thirty-five years later, with nobody ever being charged for the crimes, Larry tries to set the record straight and reveals facts unknown to the public in hopes of bringing some semblence of justice to his parents.   

I am downloading this now. I have a disturbing addiction to 48 Hours Mystery, but this one is a bit close to home.  Just released 7/9, you can find all the info on his website.     


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Larry Edwards

Thank you very much for the mention of my book. My parents and their sailboat Spellbound were fairly well known around Kirkland. They appeared at Moss Bay Days on a number of occasions. My dad, Loren Edwards, belonged to the Elks Club, and my mom, Jody Edwards, worked with disable students at LW school district and volunteered for Cystic Fibrosis, Children's Orthopedic Hospital and the American Red Cross.

I hope this book answer many of the questions their friends may had concerned their tragic deaths.

Larry Edwards


Larry, thanks for saying hello! And for sharing such a personal journey. I just finished your book- what an unbelievable story. You have been through quite an ordeal that impacts you and your extended family in so many ways. I hope you found some resolve in finally sharing the details of this tragedy publicly. Stay strong..

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