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Mosaic Independent Salons Opens on Kirkland Ave

Green E Juice- organic AND delish!

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Green E Juice
 is an organic smoothie bar & market that just opened a few weeks ago on Kirkland Ave in the space previously occupied by Unique Plus.   There's no sign yet, so you have to get a little adventurous (same main door as the French Bakery).  The owner of Green E Juice, Mei Bi, is adorably passionate about good health and balanced nutrition. She knows how busy we are and wants to provide delicious and nutritious drinks and meals to accommodate and enhance our hectic lifestyle.  When I asked her "Why Kirkland?" she replied, "because most people care about their health here!"  True that, Mei, true that.  

GreenEJuice (2)
My friend and I each ordered up a medium-sized "Balance" smoothie ($6.39) which has fresh apple, orange, carrot, banana, spinach, celery and avocado.  No powders or fillers - that's it- just fruits and vegetables like nature intended.  The high-powered blender mixes it all up into a perfectly smooth and delightful green beverage.  I love that she vacuum seals the top on to preserve its freshness.  It can keep in the fridge for 1-2 days this way.  And it was delicious- not too "green" tasting but also not too sweet.  Much better than the green concoctions I try to create at home. There were plenty of other flavors too- some with beets, kale, ginger, or honey. 

Green E Juice (425-202-7521)also has some healthy soups and organic PB&J protein bars if you're feeling a bit hungrier.  They are open 7am-7pm every day.  Mei creates this all herself, so stop in and give it a try.  Everyone can use a little more green in their lives. ~j   


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The owner has a great story and yummy smoothies. We did her people/product/location photographs for her new website that should be up in a few weeks.

Our portrait Studio is in Kirkland and has been open since August. We're just three doors up between Barre3 and Salon Saida. We're open weekdays and Saturday by appointment and shoot portraits in our studio or on location, and events just about anywhere.

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