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What Would You Hope for in Downtown Kirkland?

Has this ever happened to you....

There's a babysitter at the house with the kids. You go out to dinner with your husband/wife and by the time you finish it's too late to catch a movie in Kirkland, because the last one starts at 7:10 for some ridiculous reason.  You don't want any more food or drinks or coffee.  Most of the shops are closed. But it's barely 8pm and if you go home not only are you L-A-M-E, but the kids are still awake.  ACK! So you start dreaming up things to do.  Like driving up and down the main streets of downtown Kirkland and making a list of all the places that are vacant and trying to remember the names of them all. C' don't do that??

Here goes:

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • TGIF
  • PC Repair Place in KPP
  • Chinese/Thai place behind Pancake House
  • Six Tables
  • Crab Cracker
  • Bella Tesori  they just put up the "Alanya Cafe" sign yesterday! (photo)--the OPEN sign is lit up! Anyone been in there yet? --------->   IMG_7100
  • Top Shelf/Tavernelli
  • Thin Pan
  • CeFiore
  • (why is there plastic on all the windows at Tully's??)
  • Qdoba
  • Piroshsky Place I can never remember the name of
  • Chalet Cadeau
  • Beadworld
  • Foot Massage place by Vovina
  • K-Town
  • SpaKrista

Seeing how long and diverse this list is makes me wonder- what DO we need?  What would you like to see in some of these empty spaces?  We must do more than drink coffee and get our hair cut, right?  Please comment.  I'm not judging, just want a smattering of ideas and hopefully there will be some entrepeneurs out there listening to us.......... 


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I really miss the homemade soups & sandwiches from Sasi's cafe.

Cathi Coy

I would love to have a Country bar to go to to do some dancing! Years ago, when the Cowboy Restaurant closed (where Yuppy Pawn is now in Totem Lake), my hubby and I talked about buying that place and making it into a Country bar. Today we kick ourselves at the lost opportunity at the perfect location. We are from Texas and Kansas and longing for things that remind us of home! Yeehaw!


Things that would be fun to have downtown:
• Comedy club
• Brew pub theater
• Dog friendly indoor space
• Board game bar
• Climbing wall


Have you heard there is a new Brew-pub and mini-golf bar going into the space below the new Sotheby's on Lake Street? It will be called "Flatstick", entry will downstairs next to the Volvina Martini Bar. Bing/Google it - I'm not kidding.


Great topic! I'm in favor of anything that would make downtown Kirkland more vibrant...ok, let's just start with less vacant.

Here are some ideas:

Kids indoor play place…like wiggles in crossroads mall

Deru…move them to downtown

Sushi restaurant

Stationary Store

Bobbie Reed

We need a new florist! There was a nice one years ago where Banner Bank is now.


Cheryl I agree with you! I miss homemade soups, toasted sandwiches, fresh salads. A Gourmet Deli offering all of this would be a hit!!

Lorraine Weeks

I would love an antiques and collectibles mall or store in downtown Kirkland again.

Law Wanxi

How about a Korean restaurant?

Actually, Juanita Bay Village would be a better site; it has parking.

Something indoor dog friendly would also be good.

Liz Hunt

Great post!
A healthy deli with gluten free and dairy free options would be great (maybe like Essential Baking Co cafe in Bellevue UBookstore).
A place with dancing and decent food; maybe also pool, ping pong, maybe board games.
A restaurant like Pomegranate Bistro - they are always packed!


Agree with the florist and good deli. Also need a good local, not chain, hardware store.

Nick Nelson

Tully's is becoming a homegrown sandwich shop. Healthy deli checked off the list.

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