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August 19, 2015


Liz Hunt

Hi Janis,

Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things Kirkland! I love our town.

I dug deeper into the new I-405 tolling. For example, can I use the new HOV lanes if I don’t have a new Flex Pass? Here’s the story, after consulting the WSDOT web site and emailing with a nice guy at WSDOT:

• Can I used my current Good to Go pass on the newI-405 toll lanes? Yes. You will be charged the appropriate toll based in your distance driven and the rate at the time (peak , off-peak, etc.).

• How do I ride for FREE? You need to get a Flex Pass AND have the required minimum number of riders AND slide the flex pass to HOV mode AND have a positive balance in your Good To Go account. Vehicles with 3+ riders are free anytime (with Flex Pass set to HOV and non-zero GtG balance). Vehicles with 2+ riders are free during non-peak hours (Flex Pass set to HOV and non-zero balance).

• During peak hours (5 - 9 am and 3 - 7 pm), cars with <3 people can use the HOV lanes but they pay a toll. If you have a Flex Pass, you must slide it to TOLL mode. (If you leave it in HOV mode by mistake, you could be fined $124 for trying to sneak through for free.)

I guess I’m going to mosey over to the WSDOT web site and order a new Flex Pass. Fun times!

Liz Hunt

Here is a handy web page about the new lanes:

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