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January 20, 2016



I biked with my four kids (ages 2-7) for a class dropoff today.

Asa James

I'm glad, I hate plastic. Anyone who has spent time at sea knows the truth. But I do feel sorry for the store employees. No doubt it's going to be a huge hassle, and dealing with all of the endlessly complaining mouthbreathers will undoubtedly be annoying as hell.

Jimbo Franks

I reused my plastic grocery bags to clean up the dog poop that the neighbor's dog left in my yard.


I occasionally forget my bags, but I'm happy our community is moving in a more eco-friendly direction.


I changed from drinking out of individual plastic water bottles to filtered water filling reusable water bottles. Works great!


Just put groceries back in the cart, go to your car and then, put them in the bags in the trunk of the car. This is the way my parents did it, 50 years ago, in Europe, and it has always seemed so logical.


Michelle, Jimbo and Cody are the WINNERS of the reusable bags! They were the first three that commented AND followed the directions. :-) I'll email you privately so I can get those to ya. Nice job peeps!


I totally understand not using plastic bags - but why charge for paper bags? They are the handy for yard clean up, recycling items in the house etc.
We all have recycling cans at curbside so I guess I don't understand why charge?

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